Cutting Bureaucratic Red Tape – Helping Kids, and Saving Tax Payer Money 

In Arkansas today, we’ve got 65,000 uninsured kids.  Almost two-thirds of those kids are eligible for medical assistance programs under ARKids insurance programs.  But 20,000 of those kids are falling through the cracks, dropping off the rolls because of bureaucratic Red Tape!

This year, I carried legislation to improve the process of program enrollment.  The bill requires that the state use good old everyday common sense to cut bureaucratic paperwork and red tape.  This bill simply required the Department of Human Services to use the state’s existing electronic data-bases, like the School Lunch Program, to quickly and efficiently verify initial and continuing eligibility so more of our kids could receive insurance coverage.

By avoiding paper forms, we quit duplicating our efforts, the kids receive the coverage they need, and the tax payers of Arkansas realize a $2.4 million savings in a more efficient delivery of a service that protects the most fragile of Arkansas’ children.   That’s something we need to do more of, and I’ll keep looking for ways to deliver needed services for less cost.